Thursday, November 18, 2010

Is there always an alternative?

I just finished the rough draft of my list of substitutions for my upcoming cookbook -- 14 pages of substitutions!  I don't know if there is always a substitution for every allergenic ingredient, but I have certainly found a lot so far (check out the Substitutions tab to see my newest update).

As our family has such a large number of food allergies, many of which are not currently considered "common" food allergies, I've looked pretty far afield to come up with safe alternative ingredients.  Some of the ingredients for which I've had to find substitutes are cane sugar, vinegar, turmeric and gelatin. 

Do you have an allergenic ingredient for which you are trying to find a substitute?  Please let me know -- it just might be on my list (if not, I'll keep looking, but also maybe someone else in the group will have an alternative).

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