Friday, May 27, 2011

Food Substitutes from Southeast Asia

Thought I’d share a tidbit from the new article I’m about to submit for publication – but first, other good news:

Visits to this blog have increased a LOT over this past month, including new visitors from Brazil, Russia, and Singapore!  Welcome J 

I’m happy to see that search engines and referral sites are sending more and more readers too – a big thank-you to which sent 10 referrals.  I’m also seeing referrals from,, and  Please keep the referrals coming, whether electronically or by good old-fashioned word of mouth!!

TIDBIT FROM MY UPCOMING ARTICLE:  For people whose meal choices are limited by food allergies, Southeast Asia offers so many enticing possibilities of ingredients which can be used as an alternative to any number of other ingredients.  Among these are unripe/brined jackfruit to replace chicken in stews (jackfruit “chips” are also sold in Oriental stores and make an interesting alternative to potato chips!) or jujube berries (also known as Chinese dates) to replace either fresh or dried cranberries.

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